Campground Policy for Overnight RV and Tent Campers
Check-in time: between 2PM and 8PM, Check-out time: 12 noon

Key Policies

  1. Arriving with additional people or animals could alter the reservation size or cost or may result in non admittance. All vehicles must register at the office and display a hang pass while in campground. All people and their approximate arrival times (including visitors) should be accounted for at registration or as soon as possible. Campers may not provide the gate code or open the gate for anyone.
  2. The campground tries to limit reservations with an ETA after 8PM. In a multivehicle group, all people should arrive by 8:30PM or plan to arrive the next morning. There is a late arrival fee of $10/vehicle every 30 minutes after 8:30PM.
  3. Fellow Camper Considerations: must drive less than 10 MPH at all times on all of the property. No driving on, parking on, or walking across other sites. Quiet hours from 11PM-9AM. No profanity. Dogs should not be left alone outside or allowed to bark excessively.
  4. Dogs must be on a site tie or standard (not retractable) leash at all times. Owners must clean up after their dogs every time. Dogs are never allowed on other sites, at the playground, or at the pavilion

Visitors   (Day time visits only, No overnight visits, No visitors on holiday weekends, No visitor dogs or boats)

  1. Visitor fee is $3 / person at registration. All visitors must register at the office and display a hang pass, which must be returned at dusk. Excluded from the visitor fee are delivery people (must meet at office) and clearly marked vendors or repair services (who check in at office).

In the enforcement of these policies, any camper exhibiting hostile attitude toward campground staff or other campers may be denied entrance or evicted without refund.

Camping (1-2 tents or 1 RV per site)

  1. One family or up to 4 adults (with no children) permitted per tent site. One family or up to six people and no tents per RV site. 
  2. Early check-in is never available. Late check-out for a fee may be available.
  3. Please leave site the way you found it. Put all garbage in a dumpster (never in the fire pit). There will be a credit card charge for trees cut down or damaged by hardware.  Clotheslines are permitted at a minimum of 7 feet above the ground. NEVER put wipes (or anything but toilet paper) in toilets.
  4. Absolutely no fireworks or fire arms (including air rifles and bow & arrows) allowed.
  5. For the safety of children: roadways are not to be used as a playground & no one is allowed on the playground after dark. No underage drinking of alcoholic beverages.

Pets (2 Dog maximum/site)

  1. Call campground to confirm your dog's breed is permitted in the campground.

Vehicles (2 cars and one boat permitted per site)

  1. Additional boat storage is $10 per day. Motorcycles are permitted only for transport into and out of the campground. ATV’s are not permitted. Golf carts are permitted only for Seasonal Campers.

Limited exceptions to these rules can be made under special circumstances.  Campground owners reserve the right to remove any guests who violate the above rules.  Thank you for your cooperation.



Lake Raystown Family Camping
11601 Piney Ridge Road, Huntingdon, PA 16652
Phone: 814 643-3377
(between 9 AM and 5 PM)


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