Pet Policy

For your stay, the following supplies are suggested:

  • For walks through nature’s glory: a leash 6 foot or shorter (not retractable) and bags for waste.
  • For your camp site: a long lead with a stake.
  • For night time or quiet time: their bed or a crate.
  • For feeding time: any specialty foods.
  • For boating: a dog life vest.
  • Just in case: their license, shot records, and medical records.


The Policies from the Overnight Site Agreements at Lake Raystown Family Camping Resort:

  1. Dogs must be on a tie or short leash at all times outdoors. Retractable leashes are not permitted.
  2. Dogs should not be allowed to bark excessively. 
  3. Owners must clean up after their dogs. Do not walk dogs on other people's campsites. Dogs are not allowed at the playground or pavilion at any time.
  4. Some aggressive and/or possessive breeds of dog are not permitted. Please check with us prior to arrival.
  5. Permitted dog breeds can stay in our cabins with an additional $50 deposit which includes a $50 cleaning fee. Damage by dogs may affect the refund of that deposit. Dogs should be kept outdoors as much as possible. Dogs can be on any fully-enclosed deck without a tie or leash.
  6. There is a two dog limit on each site or in a cabin.
For more information about Pets in the Raystown Area see a recent article: Fido Meets Raystown Ray or Bringing Your Dog to the Raystown Lake Area


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