Key Campground Policy for Large Group Camping
 (Group Tent Site or Multiple Tent Sites)

Key Policies

  1. There must be a point of contact who communicates with the entire group in advance regarding all key policies.
  2. All adults must register.  pre-register to expadite check-in 
  3. Car pooling is strongly recommended. Any arrival that cannot make it by 9 PM should arrive the next morning. Late arrivals are a disturbance to everyone in a tenting section who is already settled down.
  4. Safety of all campers on the campground must be considered. The entire group should know the speed limit in advance.  Individuals can be evicted for speeding.
  5. Group sites cannot have day visitors or pets.
  6. There must be consideration for the surrounding sites in a family campground. Groups that disturb the other campers with profanity, excessive or after quiet-hours noise, or drunken behavior will be evicted.
  7. The point of contact must leave a security deposit. The group should know that his/her security deposit refund is dependent on the site being left the way it was found with no trash on the site or in the fire pit.  Put all garbage in bags in the dumpsters located by upper bathouse.

In the enforcement of any policy (especially those listed above), any camper exhibiting hostile attitude toward campground staff or other campers may be denied entrance or evicted without refund.




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