Fido Meets Raystown Ray or Bringing Your Dog to the Raystown Lake Area

by Janet Bristol, owner of Lake Raystown Family Camping Resort

The best way to prepare for a great experience at Raystown with your dog is to research in advance where your dog can and cannot go, come with the right supplies, and understand the dog policy of the accommodation where you are staying.

To avoid surprises, research where you can take your dog. The following list has been important to our customers but is not complete.

  • At 7 Points federal campground and lands: dogs are not allowed on the beach or in the federal buildings (Visitor’s Center and gift shop) but are allowed everywhere else on a leash including the picnic areas.
  • Because The Light House snack shack and The Meadows Original Frozen Custard have outdoor walk up service, you can bring your dog. Almost all other restaurants don’t allow pets.
  • Tractor Supply and our local hardware stores (some with a bonus treat for good behavior) allow dogs whereas almost all grocery stores do not.
  • The Water Street Flea Market allows dogs; most antique and resale stores do not.
  • First National Bank main office, outdoor walk up teller, and drive-through are all pet friendly with treats for good dogs.
  • Rothrock Outfitters does allow dogs in their store and on their shuttle but only with a life vest on their rentals.
  • 7 Points Marina allows dogs in The Oar House store and on their “dog possible” boat rentals.

For your stay, the following supplies are suggested:

  • For walks through nature’s glory: a leash 6 foot or shorter (not retractable) and bags for waste.
  • For your camp site: a long lead with a stake.
  • For night time or quiet time: their bed or a crate.
  • For feeding time: any specialty foods (we do have a Giant, a Wal-Mart, and a Tractor Supply but no “Pet Stores” like PETCO).
  • For boating: a dog life vest.
  • Just in case: their license, shot records, and medical records. Worst case scenarios: if your dog gets injured or sick, you might need their medical records for a local vet. If your dog bites another person or animal, you will be asked for the license and shot records.

The Policies from the Overnight Site Agreements at Lake Raystown Family Camping Resort:

  • Dogs must be on a tie or short leash at all times outdoors. Retractable leashes are not permitted.
  • Dogs should not be allowed to bark excessively. 
  • Owners must clean up after their dogs. Do not walk dogs on other people's campsites. Dogs are not allowed at the playground or pavilion at any time.
  • Some aggressive and/or possessive breeds of dog are not permitted. Please check with us prior to arrival.
  • Permitted dog breeds can stay in our cabins with an additional $25 deposit and $25 cleaning fee. Damage by dogs may affect the refund of that deposit. Dogs should be kept outdoors as much as possible. Dogs can be on any fully-enclosed deck without a tie or leash.
  • There is a two dog limit on each site or in a cabin.

Because PA law requires the dog to be under your control at all times, a dog that runs away from its owner (despite owner commands) to charge/greet an approaching person is breaking PA law. Love your animal enough to change this behavior so the that dog is properly socialized and welcome in any group situation.

When a dog is off leash, involved in an attack, or eliminating in an inappropriate area (another camper's site): the owner and dog could be asked to leave the establishment without refund. The factors considered are the following:

  • The impact of the incident.
  • The disposition of the dog.
  • The attitude of the owner.
  • The owner’s knowledge of dog behavior.
  • Have there been previous incidents?

Most businesses in Raystown with a pet policy have one because of their love of pets and their belief that a pet in tow adds to the customer’s good experience. However, one customer’s enjoyment should never come at the expense of another customer. So, do research, be prepared, and find the accommodations and attractions with the policies that meet your needs.

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