RayCEP 2016 Program Descriptions

Bugs & Butterflies
Learn about insects and their role as pollinators in the environment!

Bees, Butterflies, & Beyond
Catch and identify insects with RayCEP at their Pollinator Week program! 

All About Bats at the Amphitheatre
Have any mosquito bites?  Learn about Pennsylvania bat species ecology, their environmental challenges, and how bats benefit people by eating pest insects and much, much more! 

Pond Critters
Join RayCEP to catch, identify, and observe pond animals like frogs, salamanders, and insects and learn about pond ecology!

"Whooooo's that?"  Learn about Pennsylvania's owls and adaptations that make them excellent predators.  If people are interested there will be a night walk to listen for owls!

Do you like honey, use wax chap-sticks, or grow food in your garden?  Join RayCEP to learn about the importance of bees as pollinators and things that are threatening their survival.

Do you know which birds are at feeders this time of year?  Do you know what type of seeds will attract specific birds?  RayCEP will highlight common local species and how their bodies are adapted for different types of food.

All About Owls at the Amphitheatre:
Join RayCEP to learn all about Pennsylvania owl species, owl ecology, and specific predatory adaptations.

Did you know there are beavers in the Raystown area?  RayCEP will discuss the history of beavers and beaver adaptations.

Have you seen any turtles at Raystown?  Join RayCEP to learn all about the lives of different Pennsylvania turtle species and ways to help turtles stay safe!

Bald Eagles:
Join RayCEP on July 4th to learn about our national symbol the Bald Eagle.  We will discuss the lives and history of these animals and observation equipment will be available.

Water Creatures:
Join RayCEP to catch and observe water creatures and learn about their importance!  Nets, containers, and identification materials will be available.

Nature ID Walk
Join RayCEP on a nature walk to identify local trees, birds, animal tracks, and anything else we encounter along the way!

Exotic Invaders:
Have you noticed Ash trees dying or Japanese beetles eating your roses?  Join RayCEP to learn about these and other invasive species in Pennsylvania. 

Find RayCEP as they travel with their red wagon of animal props to learn about types of reptiles found around Raystown Lake.  We will talk about unique reptiles adaptations and things that are threatening reptile species.

The Food Chain: Foxes and Rabbits
Watch for RayCEP's red wagon with a taxidermy fox and rabbit to learn about the food chain and how these two animals are vital in the ecosystem.

Return of the Reptiles
Join RayCEP to see a new set of reptile props and learn even more about reptiles!

Misunderstood Animals:
Join RayCEP to learn about animals with a bad rap, why they are misunderstood, and the good they actually do in the ecosystem.  Watch for the red RayCEP wagon to find our mobile program!

Join RayCEP at Raystown Family Campground at 8:30 PM on Friday to observe some basic astronomical features such as the moon, stars, and satellites if the weather is clear!  We will have star charts for the current star cycle and will point out major constellations.  If you have a smartphone, consider downloading the Skyview Free App to help you spot features in the sky! 

Skulls & Skins:
Join RayCEP and their red wagon to match and identify a set of skulls and skins from Pennsylvania animals. Can you match them all?





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